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VEB Xenon
Volkseigener Betrieb ("People-Owned Enterprise"))

Personal and official website of Salvador Perugorria Lorente (Aka. Xenon)  -

At the web since December 1996 (Yes! First website was at Geociites)

Hello to all visitors:

Welcome to my little space at the web. It's simple, but hope you'll enjoy it :)

Salva Perugorria Lorente
VEB Xenon

Some brief personal and biographical info about me

Musical Works 1996 - 20xx
Computer and Videogame Collection
"Tetris 1987-2012" - Retromadrid photos
Last update: 29th January 2013 - Computer and Videogame console collection list updated. Twitter widget added. Some minor updates :)

2013 - VEB Xenon - Salva Perugorria Lorente - All the contents of this web are freely distributable, put please, always quote the source, thanks ^^ .
The web icons are not made by me, they are from 3D picture design made using Buddypoke :)
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