Some brief personal and biographical info about me:

Oh yes! It's me :)

- Born at Bera (Navarra) the 14h July 1981. Born Basque-speaker, now I speak 5 languages (Basque, Spanish, French, English and Esperanto). Lving at Zaragoza (Aragon) since 10th July 2006.

- Sociologist. Sociology (Social Sciences) Degree done at the Public University of Navarra  (Universidad Pública de Navarra UPNA-NUP), Pamplona-Iruña.

- Musical composer since 1996. Piano player, synthetist y and electronic drummer. More than 350 composed songs. I left the official primary musical studies at the last year. Compostion mainly done under Scream, Impulse and Schism Tracker. Demoscener.
- Autodicact (self-taught) and amateur computer technician. User and collector of several computer and gaming systems (MSX, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, PC, MAC, etc...).

- Member of the staff or attender of several computer fairs, specially Retromañia
. Member of Retroacción.
- Radio broadcaster since 1999 in several stages, now at Radio la Granja (Zaragoza, Aragon).

- Working as Computer Operator at a big computing company since 2006...

- About my political and social views and thoughts (and memberships)... it's easy to know that I'm communist, I strongly support the Communist Party of People's of Spain and the class unions. I also support other progressive movements worldwide. But I think it's better to discover them in the real life. Life is great outside Internet  :) (although Internet is a good thing!)

- I also like collect and listen music (hundreds of albums), science, history, astronomy, telecommunications, etc...

PS: ...And more... :)


2013 - VEB Xenon - Salva Perugorria Lorente