Musical works 1996-20xx:

Yes! Now you can download nearly ALL the music composed by Salva Perugorria under the name of Manifiesto Proletario - Enjoy the music!! :D

All the compositions, except 2 albums and 1 EP are on S3M, IT and MOD format. All albums are compressed in ZIP format.

19966Lo Que Sale De Mi MenteFirst album, done when I was 14
19969Viendo Al Futuro
199612La Carrera Contra El Tiempo
19973La Revolución RusaONLY THE B SIDE is available, the A side is lost
19975A Través De Lo Inimaginable
19976Universo I-VIII
19979El Fín Del Apocalipsis
199710El Héroe Desconocido
199711Caminos En Un Mundo Oscuro
19981Alta VelocidadThe 1st song is 13:50 minutes long ^^ and it was my 1st IT Module.
19983La Kvartalo IndustriaAll the title songs are in Esperanto, except "Religión Manipulación"
19986Un Nuevo Presente
199810La Rutina Diaria
19991Soñando Con El Progreso
19995Una Nueva Página De La Vida
199912El TúnelThe 7th song is a free cover of "Everything Counts" of Depeche Mode
20001Un Viaje Sin Rumbo Fijo
20002¡Acabemos Con El Fascismo!And finally... STEREO arrived at Manifiesto Proletario :D
20004El Anochecer
200061996-2000Part of a self-done compilation, this is the CD1 (New songs)
20009Mirando A Las Imágenes Del Dia a DiaA special version was done in 2001 for Tiendas TIPO and was sold there for some months
 20013Aquellos Héroes Olvidados
20016El Símbolo De Una ResistenciaSingle. Same theme divided in 3 parts.
20019El Tren De Nuestra Vida
20023Cuando El Tiempo PasaI still don't know how I did this outstanding album... 
200210Un Dia De Tranquilidad
20043ElectrotecniaSome of the songs were part of the videogame project Vorton done by Chui
20044La Mágica RealidadNo drums are heard in the whole album. Mono returned again for this album. Inspired in "Sorcerer" of Tangerine Dream
200410AnalogíaMP3 Format. My first MSX FM PAC album. Also PRO files can be found in the ZIP archive.
200410El Poeta Sin PalabrasThe last MOD album in 3 years
20054En MovimientoMP3 Format. Second MSX FM PAC album. The song "Cuando te miro" was aired in 2005 in the Dutch radio Enschede FM in the "Airwaves" show. The original PRO version of "Oda" is lost. A new version was done in 2007 and it will be uploaded soon.
20066Maqueta Encuentros Jovenes Artistas de Navarra 20062 songs. I didn't pass the 1st round of the contest. MP3 Format, songs composed using Moonblaster and Music Module (OPL1) for MSX
20074Los Años SilenciososAnd MOD music returned home.... ^^ . The outro was done in a Beethoven compo at the BCN PARTY ^^
2007675In memory of Pedro Perugorria Arrechea, my father, who died 7/11/2006 at 74 years
20079Impulsos EléctricosThe 8th song, "Hasta Otra, Mr Jourgensen", is a free tribute to Ministry band
200810La Lógica Del Trabajo RutinarioThere are 2 free covers "Das Alte Schloss" of M. Mussorgsky and "Europe Endless" of Kraftwerk.  The 4th song "Notas para Klaus" is a tribute in memory of Klaus Dinger, the genious German musician who died in March 2008
20094An der BruchstelleSingle - EP done for the Breakpoint 2009. All songs have german titles, except the 3rd, which is a free cover of "Stratosfear" of Tangerine Dream. 1st and 2nd songs competed at the Breakpoint contests. 1st song "Der Traum" is a classic 4 channel AMIGA MOD
20099Una Bella FotografíaSingle song, which competed at the Navarparty 2009
20106Un Dia Entre Tus BrazosSingle with two sides in pure classic electronic style, side A is a more "commercial" song and side B is a more experimental expressionist song. 14th anniversary of Manifiesto Proletario
201010EvocacionesExcept the 7th song, which appeared as a single (Un Día Entre Tus Brazos), all the songs have been composed one per day from 14th to 18th October. Only original songs (no covers), the album covers different musical styles: Analogic electronica,  ambient / trip hop, techno,  progressive synth rock, electro, industrial and electropop music .
El Beso
Single song, to celebrate the new year and two 15th anniversaries: 15 years of Manifiesto Proletario and this website. Expressionist song, close your eyes and enjoy it :)


2013 - VEB Xenon - Salva Perugorria Lorente